The WOW Crowd!

Want to be part of Manchester Day?

Not part of a group application this year?

After the success of last year’s WOW Crowd, Manchester Day 2017 once again offers you the chance to be part of the event. If you like dancing, music making, would like to participate in the parade or just like to make things, then this is an ideal way for you to get involved. We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic people to join our “WOW crowd” group and create your own section.

Last year, 37 people came together from all walks of life and from all over Manchester to form this new group. In the month running up to the parade the WOW crowd met for a series of workshops to get to know each other and share ideas around the EUREKA! theme. They took part in costume production and movement sessions to create their very own section in the parade. On the day the WOW crowd became part of the lead section (pictured), joining Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, Graham Massey and the prism stage.

Being part of the Manchester Day WOW Crowd will give you a great opportunity to meet new friends, work with artists, choreographers & musicians to form a new parade section based at our Manchester Day Hub the WOW Workshop. To register your interest in joining the WOW crowd please email