Applications will open in Spring 2017 for volunteers to bring Manchester Day 2017 to life.



Volunteering is a great way of getting involved in Manchester Day.

Applications will be opened in Spring 2017 but in the meantime you can take a look at the roles on offer in 2016 as a guide.


Main volunteer roles in 2016

Creative support leading up to the event (May and June 2016)

The WoW workshop is the creative community hub designed especially for Manchester Day – it opens in the months leading up to the day. WoW is where artists and participants work on their creations, costumes and movement. Mas (Masquerade) camps are also held at WoW over 2 weekends leading up to the event, and serve as a chance to make final preparations for the big day in a lively creative and collaborative atmosphere.

We need people to help and build structures, make props and embellish costumes. It’s a great opportunity to work with established carnival artists and get an in-depth look behind the scenes of one of the city’s biggest event of the summer. You can volunteer as little or as much time as you like, from a few hours to a few weeks. Just tell us your availability and we’ll let you know how and when you can help out.

Communication support on the day

The key part we need you to play is sharing the Manchester Day programme with the audience – this will involve giving out the free programmes and answering any queries people have about the day. This is a vital part of the event so that everyone knows what’s happening, when and where. You’ll be the public face of Manchester Day so we need people who enjoy interacting with others. The atmosphere will be very upbeat, you’ll have a great time helping out and you will receive a briefing prior to the event so you have all the information you need to be able to carry out your role.

As you’ll be positioned along the route or in one of the city’s squares, you’ll be in the heart of the action, seeing the Parade and enjoying the atmosphere. Volunteers for this role will work in teams with a team leader to refer to for any support needed.

Creative support on the day

We need people to help set up the parade at its start point. You’ll play a vital part in on-the-day preparation and delivery, helping groups with floats and accessories and directing participants to their positions. You’ll then get chance to be part of the parade itself, acting as an info point for participants, distributing water and sunscreen, or even carrying banners, flags and props.
After the parade, you’ll guide participants back to the WoW Workshop in Castlefield, collecting parade accessories, costumes and props, and working with the creative team to organise our storage space.