Road Closures and Parking Suspensions

Road closed









In order for the event to go ahead we need to close roads and suspend parking bays. Details of which can be seen below


From 07.00 – 14.00:

  • Temperance Street (from Fairfield Street to Hoyle Street)
  • Whitworth Street (From princess Street to London road)



12.15 – 14.15

  • Princess Street (from Whitworth Street to Portland Street)
  • Portland Street (from Nicholas Street to oxford Street)

12:45 – 14:45

  • Oxford Street (from Portland Street to Peter Street)
  • Peter Street (from Oxford Street to Deansgate)

13:00 – 15:00

  • Deansgate (from St Johns Street to John Dalton Street)


  • Deansgate (from St Johns Street to Victoria Bridge Street)


*closure will be lifted behind the parade as it is safe to do so.

 Bus Gate

  • Portland Street bus gate to be suspended

 Parking Suspensions

  • Temperance Street
  • South Pump Street
  • Back Acton
  • Cobourg Street
  • Granby Row
  • Minshull Street South
  • Princess Street (Whitworth to Portland)
  • Harter Street
  • Waterloo Street
  • Portland Street (Princess Street to oxford Road)
  • Dickenson Street (St James Street to dead end on other side of Portland)
  • Oxford Street
  • Peter Street (inc disabled opposite midland)
  • Mount Street (Windmill Street to Peter Square)
  • Southmill (Windmill Street to Peter Square)
  • Queen Street
  • St Mary Street
  • Parsonage – 5 bays
  • St Mary’s Gate
  • Cateaton Street