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The place to bag yourself a little piece of Manchester to take home with you. From Manchester-inspired art and prints to local artists’ exquisite jewellery, crafts and produce. The Manchester Shop will be there with its fantastic Manc themed apparel made in Manchester, for Manchester.

More music, dance and performances in St Ann’s Square and Cathedral Gardens.

Photo credit:  Rich Kenworthy.


Market Traders

Catherine Mahé (Glass Artist)

For lovers of colour and pattern, Catherine’s glasswork presents her passion for bold pieces. She discovered this passion over twenty years ago on trips to India and Guatemala and has been experimented ever since. Each piece is unique and handmade, and is inspired by the world around her.

Catherine Mahé 3 Catherine Mahé 4 Catherine Mahé 2 Catherine Mahé 1

Statement Artworks (Poster Art)

Eric Jackson, a former lecturer, has returned to his love of painting to produce some of the greatest northern poster art. His one aim is to combine his love of words and visual imagery, making art fun. Focusing on the various districts of Manchester where Eric was born and grew up, his posters focus on the quirks and peculiarities of each area, providing a subversive yet affectionate vibe to each of his pieces.

Statement Artworks 1 Statement Artworks 2 Statement Artworks 3

Ben Sedman (Framed Photography)

Having lived in various communities, Ben Sedman enjoys capturing the vibrancy and soul of a place through photography. Currently residing in Manchester, Sedman’s work is community-based and often displays Manchester landmarks and, of course, the Manchester Bee.

Ben Sedman 3 Ben Sedman 2 Ben Sedman 1

O’Donnell Moonshine (Traditional Made Liquor sold in Mason Jars)

Moonshine was born out of the American Prohibition Period as part of the clandestine era of distilling by moonlight. Moonshine is still produced and enjoyed today. O’Donnell use traditional methods, using the top ingredients and present their moonshine in traditional American mason jars.

O'Donnell Moonshine

The Chorlton Potter (Handmade Ceramics)

Having discovered his love for pottery at Chorlton Pottery over twenty years ago, Will Broughton completed a ceramics course at Arden College in Northenden and has since been making and teaching ceramics. Will’s work is mainly domestic and sculptural ceramics creating beautiful homeware as well as much bigger, impressive sculptures.

The Chorlton Potter 1 The Chorlton Potter 2

The Manchester Shop

‘Manc and Proud’. Based in the heart of the Northern Quarter, The Manchester Shop provides all the very best Mancunian apparel inspired by the city’s history as well as its creative and eclectic culture.

Daddy Cool Chilli Sauce

Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce is a small family run business set in the beautiful backdrop of the High Peaks. Daddy Cool has unleashed a range of Hot sauces, chutneys, jams, rubs, nuts and pickles. All of the products that are sold are made in small batches with the freshest ingredients available.

Daddy Cool Sauce

The Finest Honey

The Finest Honey are a small family run enterprise who got hooked on the magical world of the honey bee and the incredible product that comes from it. Liquid Gold! They are the purveyors of the finest honey and other hive products!

MCR Honey


As two young women born in Nigeria and brought up in the UK, we wanted to bring together the beauty in our two cultures. We created Cultureville to combine the boldness and beauty of African culture with the sophistication and style of contemporary British high fashion. We create hand crafted African print clothing and jewellery that feature specially sourced African textiles in modern styles. Our aim is to make African clothing work for you. Our motto is ‘Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good’. You look good because our hand-crafted clothes are designed with your figure in mind, you feel good because of the high-quality materials used in creating your item and you do good because simply by wearing beautiful clothes, you are supporting African entrepreneurs from low income backgrounds.